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Jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful activity to share with your family! No matter what the age, anyone can help with a puzzle, and they are proven to help with your brain function and memory. Who couldn't benefit from that? The best jigsaw puzzles are shown to work both hemispheres of your brain at the same time, exercise your brain cells, and also can prove to be meditative and relaxing. We have many varieties of puzzles available for purchase to match your fancy with varying difficulties, so you can be sure to find the right puzzle for you to enjoy. Read on to see a few of our favourite puzzles and puzzle accessories.

Best Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Jigsaw Puzzles

Forest Gnomes - Jigsaw Puzzle

Forest Gnomes is an enchanting 1000 piece puzzle with a finished measurement of 27" by 35". This puzzle features larger puzzle pieces for ease of assembly and would make a gorgeous piece to hang in a child's room or anywhere you need a little magic.

In the Swing of It - Jigsaw Puzzle

In the Swing of It will bring you to a warm sunny day as the cooler days turn into spring. With 500 pieces and a finished size of 19" by 19", this project would be a perfect family puzzle. Who can resist those precious kittens.

Garden Cupboard will bring you to a warm sunny day as the cooler days turn into spring. With 500 pieces and a finished size of 18" by 24", this project would be a perfect family puzzle. Who can resist those precious kittens? Lakeside View Jigsaw Puzzle

Lakeside View - Jigsaw Puzzle

With its vibrant colours and amazing scenery, Lakeside View is sure to take you on a journey to a moonlit night on an amazing lake. This puzzle is 1000 pieces. Couldn't you just imagine yourself there?

Walk on the Wild Side - Jigsaw Puzzle

Walk on the Wild Side is a different and fun puzzle. Shaped like a moose, this puzzle shows wildlife posed in various scenic landscapes. Walk on The Wild Side is a 650 piece jigsaw puzzle and has a finished size of 25 inches by 31 inches. This would be a great gift for any nature lover.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

If you are an avid puzzle lover or just getting into the hobby, we have a few products that will help make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up

Our Puzzle Roll Up makes it easy to keep your work in progress together and out of the way when need be. We offer two different sizes, 24" x 36" and 36" x 48", so no matter what size puzzle you choose, you have a safe option to put it up and not have it fall apart until you are ready to work on it again.

Puzzle Preserver

If you're putting together a puzzle as a gift for another person, or if you like to frame and display your puzzles, you will need Puzzle Glueto hold your finished puzzle together. Each bottle will cover two 1000 piece puzzles or one 3000 piece puzzle. To finish off your puzzle, our Puzzle Preserver creates a lovely semi-gloss finish. It goes on easily with the in- lid brush and one bottle cover the same as our Puzzle Glue.

Puzzle Preserver Puzzle of the Month

Puzzle of the Month Club

Are you already a full-blown puzzle fanatic or know of one? Our Puzzle of The Month Club entitles you to receive 2 puzzles shipped to your door monthly. Your first month of Puzzle of the Month Club is $9.99 plus shipping and handling, and each month after is just $14.99 plus shipping and handling. You can cancel at any time, and the puzzles vary from 500-1000 pieces.

What are your favourite puzzles to put together? We would love to see what you have done!

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