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Wool Yarn

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Wool yarns are popular among knitters and crocheters because they are warm, fluffy, durable, and come in a wide range of colours and textures. Obtained from sheep, quality wool yarns (merino wool, cashmere wool, alpaca wool) are often blended with other fibres such as acrylic, silk or cotton to create blended yarns with unique properties and textures.

Silk is a smooth, breathable fiber with insulating qualities, that is often blended with wool to add softness and durability to the finished fabric. Wool is also blended with acrylic, resulting in a yarn that is light weight, easy to care for, and affordable. Similarly, blending wool with cotton creates a yarn that is both airy, lightweight, durable and soft to the touch.

Wool Yarn Line by Weight

Wool yarn can come in a variety of weights, including sport weight, fingering weight, worsted weight (aran), chunky, and super chunky weight yarn. The weight of the wool yarn refers to its thickness and can affect the drape, stitch definition, and warmth of the finished fabric.

Fingering weight yarn, also known as sock yarn, is a thin, super fine yarn that is used for a variety of projects, including socks, shawls, and lightweight garments.

DK yarn (Size 3) is a medium-weight yarn that is slightly thinner than worsted weight yarn and thicker than sport weight yarn. DK yarn is a popular choice for knit and crochet projects that require a balance of warmth and drape, such as lightweight wool sweaters and shawls.

Chunky weight wool yarn is a thicker, heavier yarn that is often used for quick and cozy projects such as scarves, hats, and blankets.

In search for the perfect material for your new project? Check our selection of wool yarns and choose the perfect combination of comfort and style for your hand knitting projects.

Note that due to the small batch nature of some wool yarns, colour pooling can occur. When knitting large swatches of a single colour, we recommend introducing a new skein of wool yarn slowly by alternating skeins row for row.

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