Acrylic Yarn


      Acrylic yarn is a popular choice among knitters and crocheters, because it’s practical, breathable, easy to work with, and machine washable. Acrylic worsted yarns are especially strong and highly durable, which makes them great for clothing items, accessories, baby blankets, and other knitting and crocheting projects.

      Acrylic fibers are essentially synthetic fibers that are created from polymers (polyacrylonitrile). The best acrylic fibers mimic natural fibers and keep their colour well. They can be washed many times with warm water without discoloring other clothes. Another great benefit of acrylic yarn is that, being manufactured from synthetic yarns, it will not irritate people who are allergic to animal products. While more expensive natural threads absorb moisture which makes them easily at risk of damage, the threads produced from petroleum products by melting the materials into thin fibers are easier to rinse and more resilient. Acrylic is ideal for beginners and experienced knitters alike.

      If you are a beginner knitter looking for a budget-friendly alternative to biodegradable, environmentally friendly natural yarns such as silk, cotton yarn or high quality wool, acrylic is the best yarn money can buy. This fabric is widely used to produce various knitting and crocheting projects, such as sweaters, mittens, gloves, pants, hoodies, and other types of cold-weather clothing. Yarn manufacturers also add acrylic yarns to natural fibers to create blended fabrics. For example, acrylic-blended wool is soft and sturdy, which makes it perfect for a blanket, a throw or any other home decor project.

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