Knitting Needles


      No matter which project you're working on, you'll find the right knitting needles for the job in our extensive selection. Browse Mary Maxim for your choice of circular, single point or double point knitting needles. Designed with a variety of materials, including bamboo, aluminum and nylon cable, our knitting needles are created to be durable, lightweight and precise.

      Double Pointed Needles

      Our double-pointed needles are crafted with precision and come in a range of sizes, making them perfect for intricate projects that demand attention to detail.

      The importance of needle size cannot be overstated when it comes to knitting. Whether you're working on a fine lace design or a cozy, oversized sweater, we offer a wide selection of knitting needles to guarantee the success of your knitting endeavors.

      Take the time to explore the unique functions of each needle type, particularly double-pointed needles, and select the ideal size that perfectly matches your requirements. By choosing the right knitting needles, you can confidently bring your creative visions to life with effortless precision and impeccable results. Enjoy the journey of knitting, knowing you have the perfect needles and all other knitting tools at your fingertips to achieve your crafting goals.