Superfine/Fingering Weight Yarn


      Fingering weight yarn is a soft but durable yarn that’s is categorized as a Category 1/Super Fine, according to the Craft Yarn Council’s yarn weights' system. Fingering weight yarns are thicker than lace weight yarns, but thinner than fine weight yarns and they include several types of fiber, such as: merino wool, merino nylon blends, cotton, or cotton-acrylic blends. Fingering weight yarn is also referred to as “superfine yarn,” or 4-ply yarn in New Zealand, the UK, or Australia.

      Looking for the perfect yarn for your DIY projects? Fingering weight yarn is the most popular choice for many knitters and crocheters who need a fine but still tough fabric for various knitting or crocheting projects such as: socks, shawls, mittens, wraps, hats, sweaters, baby clothes and other lightweight garments. Fingering yarns are also perfect for everyday wear, this is why they are mostly used for knitting socks.

      What is the origin of the term "fingering"?

      The name “fingering yarn” may derive from the Old French term “fin grain,” which means “fine grain.” The term “fingering” may also derive from the Scots word “fingerin(g)”, which refers to a particular yarn spun on a small spinning wheel.

      Substitute yarn you can use for your project

      Fingering weight yarn and sock weight yarn are very similar, but they have one important difference: sock yarn contains nylon. You can always substitute sock yarn for fingering weight yarn, but if you want to knit a pair of socks, you might want to pick a nylon blended yarn in for durability. DK weight yarn can be used for lace stitch patterns, as it is almost twice as thick as Fingering yarn. But you might be able to replace a DK/light worsted yarn with two strands of fingering weight yarn.

      How to choose the right needles/hooks

      The right knitting needle or crochet hook size to use with fingering weight yarn will depend on your project. The ideal knitting needle size for fingering weight yarn is a US Size 1 to 3 (2.25-3.25 mm) and the crochet hook size suitable for this fine yarn is US size B-1 to E-4 (2.25 – 3.5 mm). But, of course, the chosen pattern calls for big or small needles or crochet hooks.

      If you’re looking for a versatile, budget-friendly fiber that you can use to make beautiful, durable projects, opt for our superfine sock weight yarn.

      Happy crafting!