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Yarn is our favorite crafting medium, and it needs our protection. We protect our yarn from our home elements of animal hair, our hair, dust, and whatever else might be floating around our houses. Having good yarn storage will help with this, and also help you keep your yarn and projects organized. We've seen some crafters use grocery bags, plastic zip-top bags, reusable food storage containers, storage totes, and even luggage while some of these alternatives are incredibly clever others are cumbersome and do more to damage and tangle than they do to help. We have a lot of storage options here for you at Mary Maxim. These storage options are sturdy and can be used multiple times, they are built last and withstand wear and tear.  .

Yarn Storage at Home

Quilt Yarn Storage

 Quilted Yarn Caddy

This Quilted Yarn Caddy is great for keeping your yarn out and accessible. There are large sections for your projects and yarn, and smaller pockets for notions and accessories. It is fashionable and will look great sitting next to your chair or couch. It is small and lightweight and can be moved with ease.

5 Tier Yarn Organizer

This 5 Tier Yarn Organizer fits right into your closet and is secured to your closet rod with secure Velcro straps. Perfect for when you have limited space or for maximizing closet space, it keeps yarn organized and out of sight. Five shelves give you lots of space to store your yarn, as well as pockets on the sides for your books, patterns, and accessories.

5 tier yarn storage Needle Organizer

Interchangeable Needle Rack

This clear acrylic stand is designed to hold and display all types of interchangeable needles. The stand comes with sizes printed on the exterior to help for easy storage and retrieval. This Interchangeable needle rack can store up to 13 pairs of interchangeable needles sizes 3.0 to 12.0 mm. Needles are not included.

Yarn Storage On The Go


The Yarnit is such a fun gadget for home, but especially when on the go. The Yarnit protects, organizes, and travels. Yarn balls and cakes load easily into the crystal-clear globe, keeping your yarn free from dirt and debris. Yarn dispenses smoothly without tangling from top or side. It’s like being able to take your yarn bowl on the go. Base material grips to all surfaces and stores small “Must-Have” accessories include an adjustable carry strap that keeps on-the-go projects in tow. Yarn it Quilted Tote Bag

Yarn Tote Bag

Do you like to travel with your WIP? If you like to craft in public, or even if you stay at home with your projects, another option is the Yarn Tote Bag. This stylish bag has pockets for your go-to crafting tools and accessories.

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