Expert Customer Service

When calling Mary Maxim, you are reaching out to a member of our expert Customer Service Team right here in Paris, Ontario, Canada. We have Call Centers in both U.S. and Canadian operations. Our call incredible Call Center Staff is the backbone of our company and are trained to handle a full vary of tasks.

Expert Customer Service

We are delighted to take your order over the phone and answer questions. But this team does so much more than that. Need a yarn recommendation? Call us, and we can help! Do you need to locate a specific vintage patterns? Call us, we can probably find it for you. Need to track down a particular yarn, or need some assistance with an internet order? You know what to do, call Mary Maxim. Most of our customer representatives are crafty and know at the basics of knitting or crochet and many other crafty skills. If you need assistance past the basics, then you are referred to our special project assistance team that is made up of a few talented ladies that have advanced skill sets in these areas to guide you through all of your project needs. We have a long history of expert customer service.

We look at the Call Center being the heart of building because it is our direct connection to our customers. With that said, this is our opportunity to listen to concerns, ideas, and any input you may have. Another great aspect of our call center is that we have a wide range of experience from our representatives. Some of our employees have only been here for 4 months all the way to 40 plus years. They all take pride in helping our customers with their needs, problem-solving and making their experience with Mary Maxim the best it can be. Talking with a few loyal employees that have been with Mary Maxim through several generations told us they had seen many changes over the years. They watched as we first only processed written orders, then moved to phone orders, and now internet orders. Mary Maxim has grown tremendously in the online space and has started by having an online website that we can offer all of our products while being simple and easy to use. Another area that has advanced technologically is with our thousands of vintage patterns that Mary Maxim was built on, being digitized to be made available for online download.

In addition to our website, we expanded into the online world selling our products on Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart, with the hope that we are giving the best experience for our customers. We are a loving family driven company. We all pull together to support one another and work as a team. Call into our call centers anytime at 1 (888) 442-2266 for Canada, and 1 (800) 962-9504 for U.S. with any questions or help that you may need. You can also reach out to us at or on Social Media. 

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