2020 Knit & Crochet Design Contest

Download entry form here.


Click here to download the entry form.

All entries will be divided into 4 categories: Hand Knit Afghan, Crochet Afghan, Baby Blanket (knit or
crochet), and Accessories (knit or crochet).

All categories will be judged separately. Please try to keep full size afghans approximately 48
x 60" in size; Baby blankets approximately 32 x 42" in size or as close as possible. We realize some
afghans or blankets will finish bigger or even smaller, in order to accomodate designs.

All entries must be original designs. Taking patterns or designs from any other source will disqualify
your entry. You may get inspiration from any source, but plagiarizing another person’s work
will result in your entry being disqualified and ineligible for any cash prize. For example, merely changing
the color, a few stitches or rows of pattern in another person’s design is not acceptable - your work
must be significantly different from any published work. Any entry using a licensed character design (Disney characters, etc) is not eligible and will be returned before judging.

All entries will be judged on an equal basis for their design appeal, use of stitches, colour and
materials. We ask you use Mary Maxim yarns or yarns produced by our list of sponsors (shown
below). We also request that all yarns used should be current and readily available (you can check
by asking when purchasing your yarns or by checking on a web site for that particular brand of yarn).
We will also look at the quality of workmanship, finishing, appearance and cleanliness. Winning
entries will be photographed for publication in our catalog, therefore, soiled entries will be returned -
they will not be judged.

One First place winning entry will be chosen from each category and each will be awarded a
$500 cash prize. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected from these 4 winners and will be
awarded an additional $1500 cash prize. All winners will have their names appear with their winning
entry in our December 2020 publication. All First and Second place winning entries and instructions will become
the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc. as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights of
same winning patterns.

Non-winning entries may be awarded a 2nd place, 3rd place or Honorable Mention, all with a
cash prize. The instructions for these winners will also become the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc.
as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights to these patterns.
Projects (and instructions) awarded a 2nd place, will also become the sole property of Mary Maxim
Inc as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights of same winning patterns. Projects (and instructions) awarded a 2nd place will also become the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights of same winning patterns. Projects that are awarded a 3rd place or Honorable Mention will be returned after we have completed final patterns and photography. These entries might also appear in our December 2020 publication or in a later publication along with the designer’s name.

When designing your entry, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep accurate count of materials you
use, including types of yarn, yardage (not ounces) of each colour, needles, hooks and any other accessories
that you use. We have provided space on your entry form for recording your material requirements.
Please print all information clearly and in ink. We suggest you write your pattern as you work
- this will help you avoid omitting any part of the pattern. DO NOT Send your pattern with your
entry. If you are a winner, we will request your pattern along with a detailed list of yardages, yarns
and all materials used. Patterns must be typed in legible format or you may risk disqualification.
Where possible, we will request patterns to be emailed.


1. A completed Entry Form (Download Here) and Fee must be in our office before May 22nd, 2020.
A fee of $10 for one entry, ($5 for each additional entry), must accompany the entry form. This nonrefundable
fee is for the handling, repacking, insurance and return of your project(s). Return shipping
of entries will begin after judging has been completed. DO NOT send completed projects at this

2. Firmly attach a 4 x 4" piece of paper (this is your Entry Tag) to the front, at bottom right hand corner,
of each entry with the following information CLEARLY printed in ink. Any project received without
an Entry Tag will not be considered during the judging. Each project will be assigned a number
as they are received.
Complete Mailing Address
Email Address
Phone Number
Name of your Design
Category entered
Again, send only your project, not the pattern.

3. To be eligible, completed projects must be received by June 17th, 2020. Any entry received after
June 17th will be returned to the sender. If your project is not completed or does not reach Mary
Maxim by the appropriate date, No Refunds will be made. Mary Maxim is not responsible for damage
or loss occurring in transit. Judging will take place before the end of June 2020.
All winners will be notified by phone by July 15th, 2020.

Please send your entry to:
2019 Knit and Crochet Contest
Attn: Tammy Hanley
75 Scott Avenue
Paris, Ontario N3L 3G5

We are grateful to the following sponsors for their participation: