High-Low Temperature Blanket Organizer!

  Temperature blankets are a simple concept but produce many varieties. We are introducing one of our favorites “High-Low Temperature Blanket” which produces a stunning effect. The High-Low blanket works in squares where the center of the square is the color of the lowest recorded temperature of the day and the outside of the square become the highest recorded temperature. This leads to a smoother transition of colors and the variety adds design interest that blooms over the course of the year. These designs become especially interesting for areas that experience large temperature swings. Mary Maxim’s corporate headquarters is located in Michigan where it isn’t unusual to begin the day in the 40’s and experiencing 80 or 90-degree temperatures by mid-day. These color variances will make your temperature blanket more representative of the actual temperatures and stylistically more interesting


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Free Crochet Temperature Blanket Organizer

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and Printing the Organizer

To help you stay organized as you work your temperature blanket, we put together this Temperature Blanket Organizing Worksheet.  This worksheet includes links to temperature records and a place to record your data.   You can also color in the design grids to preview your colors before you join your squares together.   Record your data on the worksheet and work the blocks when you are ready.

  Choose your design from several handy blanket graphs.

Follow this handy color guide.

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Stay tuned for more organizational tricks and tips this month. Next week, we will bring you our Crochet Binder Organizer including 3 free crochet patterns to get you started on your organizing. Make sure to follow us on our other social media platforms. 

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