We are so excited to release the Sweet Treat Cowl as our October Blog Exclusive pattern. The Sweet Treat Cowl is a warm and stylish Free Triangle Scarf Pattern designed to insulate you from the winter weather. It's a quick project that you can crochet in one sitting with just 20 rows of stitches. We hope you enjoy the Sweet Treat Cowl as much as we enjoyed designing it. Make sure to take a look at some of our other confection inspired colour combinations.Our favorite part of this design is that the Triangle Shape is wonderful for blocking the wind either under or over the zipper of your coat.  We still have a few months of winter weather a head of us so this is a wonderful inexpensive design that can be adapted to suit your needs. Free Triangle Scarf

Sweet Treat Cowl -Free Triangle Scarf Pattern

Join us for the October Blog Exclusive. It's a perfect quick crochet for the fall season. The Sweet Treat Cowl is an intermediate crochet pattern that uses a combination of stitches to create amazing textures and is worked using 2 strands of yarn throughout.  Make sure to share your work using the hashtag #sharewithmary.

Download theSweet-Treat-CowlFREE Triangle Scarf Pattern

Shopping List

Choose your favourite 3 colours (check our recommended colour combos below), and purchase 2 balls of Mary Maxim Maximum Value Yarn in each colour. We recommend this as opposed to estimating yardage and winding separate balls for a few reasons. First, although the gauge isn't critical for this design, the puff stitch uses a lot of yarn, which can vary from crocheter to crocheter. Using a single ball of each colour may cause you to run out of yarn even though we've estimated our usage at approximately 300 yards of each colour.We also used 2 different size hooks for this pattern. Most of the stitches are crocheted with the US L (8.00 mm) hook; however, we used the US Q (16.00 mm) hook for our modified puff stitches. You will need both hooks to achieve the texture in this design. Free Triangle Scarf PatternFree Triangle Scarf Pattern

More Sweet Flavors to Try

Not a Candy Corn fan?  Try these sweet color combinations!Free Triangle Scarf PatternFree Triangle Scarf Pattern

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