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How to Make Crochet Patterns Bigger: Complete Guide

Source: freepik

Patterns are a handy way for both beginners and experienced crocheters to get a hang of a new project. However, sweaters, hats, dresses, and other garments are rarely a one-size-fits-all type of item. So, unless the pattern you’re working on comes in various sizes, you might have to learn how to make crochet patterns bigger. Here are a couple of great methods for doing so.

How to Make a Crochet Pattern Bigger: Best Methods

Method 1: Use a Larger Hook

Using a larger hook will result in bigger stitches on your project. This will, by extension, make the finished item larger as well. However, by just increasing your hook size, you risk making a much flimsier-looking, loosely-shaped garment, so only use this method if you’re an experienced crocheter. Also, keep in mind that crocheting larger stitches with the same yarn will likely produce larger holes in your stitches, so this might not be the best method for wintertime garments. 

Method 2: Use a Bulkier Yarn

Using bulkier yarn is an easy way to make any project slightly larger. If you decide to go with this method, you should also use a larger hook (it’s best to refer to the label on the yarn for the correct hook size) and a larger gauge. Otherwise, you will only create more densely packed stitches and an item that is thicker but still of the same size. 

Method 3: Increase the Number of Stitches

Increasing the number of stitches is one of the most common and best ways to make a crochet pattern bigger. This will also maintain the same thickness, stitch density, and shape of the item. However, depending on how intricate your project is, there might be some math involved – for instance, if you make the shoulders wider by a certain percentage, you will also have to make the back wider by the same percentage, and so on. Still, doing a little bit of math is worth the effort if you want your finished project to look exactly as pictured (just bigger). 

Method 4: Increase the Height of Stitches

Instead of increasing the number of stitches, you might want to increase their height. For instance, where the pattern suggests crocheting a half-double, you should crochet a double. Similarly, a double crochet stitch will now become a treble crochet, and so on. The only downside to this method is that it doesn’t give you a whole lot of control over just how much bigger the finished item will be.. 

Method 5: Increase the Number of Rows or Rounds

Increasing the number of rows is an easy way to make a simple project bigger, such as a scarf or a blanket. With such items, you can even consider crocheting additional edging rows. This will also give you an opportunity to add another colour to make the borders pop. Keep in mind, however, that with items that aren’t that simple, such as sweaters and other clothing garments, adding more edging rows will only make them longer, not overall larger. 

Method 6: Increase Your Gauge

Increasing your gauge (that is, decreasing the number of stitches per inch, but maintaining the same total number of stitches) is another method that works best in unison with a larger hook and/or thicker yarn. Simply increasing the gauge but using the same hook or yarn is problematic for two reasons. First, it will result in a looser garment with holes. And second, it will be difficult to maintain a gauge that doesn’t come naturally for that hook size. 

Method 7: Increase Your Starting Chain Length
If the pattern you’re using has a foundation chain, you can simply increase the length of that foundation chain. This, again, works well for simpler items such as hats. However, you should also think about increasing the total number of stitches to make the finished item actually larger, and not just longer. 

Method 8: Adjust Motifs
Finally, if you’re working on a motif-based project, such as an afghan, simply adjusting the motifs, rather than the entire item, is the way to go. You can either make these motifs larger or simply increase their number. Either way, you will end up with a bigger finished product. 

Adjusting the size of a crochet pattern is not the easiest task in the world, but it is also not impossible. So many people have done it before you, and so can you. Just remember to pick the right method for the type of project you’re working on and stick to it throughout. Check your gauge, count your stitches, and don’t refrain from going back and redoing it until you’re satisfied with the result.

How to Make Crochet Patterns Bigger: FAQs

Does blocking make crochet bigger?
The main purpose of blocking is to ensure your crochet project has the right shape. However, if the item turns out smaller than what you expected, you can use blocking as an opportunity to stretch it out a little. 

Can you make a crochet pattern bigger?
Yes, you can make a crochet pattern bigger by increasing the number of stitches, using a larger hook and thicker yarn, or choosing any of the other methods we listed above. 

How do you make crochet stitches bigger?
You can make crochet stitches bigger by choosing a thicker yarn and a larger crochet hook. You can also do so by only increasing the gauge, but this will result in looser stitches and a garment that may not be shaped all too well.