The holidays are a time for cheer, family get-togethers and festive activities — but they are also a time when shoppers frantically rush to stores, wait for hours in line and spend a large amount of money on mass-produced gifts. Handmade gifts for the holidays are on the rise again, even in the midst of the trend of store-bought gifts. Handmade gifts are an excellent choice for many reasons, but the main one is that the receiver will appreciate it. Gifts with sentimental value and an investment of care are preferred by recipients. A significant factor in gift giving is creativity and selecting a gift that represents a particular loved one and their interests. But homemade gifts take that creativity to a new level. Taking time to put together a gift that is special to your friend, family member, child's teacher or coworker conveys intentional consideration.Creating a homemade present doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. Crafting kits and projects with simple instructions will have you easily completing handcrafted gifts for each person on your holiday gift list. Check out these handmade gift ideas that will help get you started on a beautiful holiday craft.

Ornaments for the Holiday Enthusiast

For your loved one who can't get enough of the holiday season, put together ornaments that they can hang on their tree year after year. Let your friend or relative fully indulge in the festivities by passing on a unique ornament to dress up their tree. Ornaments are the kind of gift that suits many different personalities because an ornament can reflect their style, hobbies and likes.If you choose the Light Sapphire Snowflakes, you will be giving an elegant token to your loved one. This kit makes 6 ornaments. Add an extra bit of sparkle to your holiday decor with these crystal-looking ornaments. With easy assembly, you can deliver many icicle-shaped pieces as a stunning gift.The Christmas Elegance Quilted Ornament Kit does not require any sewing but looks delightfully stitched. This gorgeous holiday gift will is inspired by homemade quilts, hot cups of cocoa, and a cozy fireplace.  Quilted ornament decorations will give your friend's tree a tasteful winter ambiance and enhance their holiday spread.

Handmade Gifts for the New Baby

Handmade GiftsA new addition to the family deserves something special this holiday season. Welcome new infants into your clan with a soft, handcrafted blanket. Parents can't collect too many blankets to wrap their little ones up in, so contribute a special blanket that will keep them warm and happy. Make it simple for families on the go to stow a personalized blanket in the car, or put together a throw to drape over the side of the baby's crib.Knit Car Seat Blankets are the right size to tuck around babies in their carriers so that travel is effortless and comfortable. Make sure the new baby is covered up when the family loads in the car to attend each holiday gathering. This kit includes four different patterns and colors so that you can gift an assortment for families to cycle through. These blankets are 19 inches long by 17 inches wide. Choose from light pink, yellow, baby blue and aqua yarns, then get started on this project. Handmade GiftsThe Making Friends Blanket is a sweet gift choice of a baby afghan displaying a friendly lesson. This crochet pattern uses a graph so you can easily construct this animal scene. As a larger baby blanket, this stretches 41 inches long by 37 inches wide. The baby animals of the pattern paint a lively picture that can hang over the edge of the crib or on the back of the rocking chair. The kit holds Starlette yarn and will show off your artistic crochet skills. Handmade GiftsThe Chevron Baby Blanket is an easy crochet project for anyone starting this crafting technique. This kit has Bernat Baby Stripes yarn and is a gentle texture for little ones. The zigzagging stripes are a polished way to coordinate nursery decor while keeping the baby comfortable and resting. You can also use Bernat Softee Baby yarn for various crochet baby products.

Tissue Box Covers for Any in Need of a Pop of Color

The cold of winter makes most people come down with something, and tissue boxes are used continuously and restocked often during this season. Brighten up a room and refresh your tissue boxes with homemade covers. For boutique and regular-shaped tissue boxes, you can create an accent for a holiday room that will turn a simple tissue holder into an impressive decorative accessory. Plastic canvas kits are an unexpected showstopper in handmade holiday gifts.The Warm Glow Tissue Box Cover can add a candlelit ambiance to your home without striking a match. The box incorporates pearl beads for an extra glimmer, and the holly stitching at the bottom emphasizes the festive pattern. The needlework pattern is a different way to spruce up a family room or bedroom. A handmade gift like this that is both useful and attractive is a rare gem to find.The Old Red Truck Tissue Box transforms a tissue container into a staple of holiday fun. This classic vintage scene is sure to delight. Piecing together a tissue box cover is a methodical process of threading yarn, so it is a stress-reducing and peaceful activity, which many people can use during the holidays.

Cozy Knit Pullovers for the Sweater Weather Lover

Sweaters are a traditional holiday gift that will never grow old. But you probably have a friend who enjoys a sweater more than most, and now that it is the perfect climate for toting one, give your loved one a cable-knit gift to keep them toasty. Rather than picking up a generic sweater at the mall, create one with your own hands. Whether you are shopping for a relative or a teacher, a homemade sweater is an intentional gift to give to the ones you care about.The Comfy Cabled Poncho is a thick and plush option that has four colours that you can pick from before you begin knitting. A slightly different take on knitting sweaters, the poncho is a comfortable item to wear when the weather turns chilly. The yarn included is Starlette and Starlette Ragg yarn that you can contrast in layers for the colour block effect. Ponchos have an insulating effect which brings even more warmth than a formal sweater and more flexibility for movement.If you'd like to take the cardigan path for your knitting gift, the Lacy Leaf Cardigan is a light cardigan with an intricate lace pattern. Mary Maxim Ultra Mellowspun DK comes in many gorgeous colours. A more delicate take may suit your loved one for a special occasion. Your friend may wear more layered clothing, and this cardigan style will drape over other layers well. You can take pride in your handiwork and the reaction of your friend to a carefully made present.

Diamond Dotz for Dazzling Fun

Handmade GiftsDiamond Dotz essentially allow you to paint with small sticky dots of various colours to compose a detailed pillow cover or wall hanging. These often mimic famous art, like Van Gogh's Irises, so create this gift for your art-loving friend, especially if they appreciate alternative forms of art. This is a relaxing way to assemble a personalized gift because the attention you give the project eases you and clears your mind. Use the colour chart to orient yourself as you pick up the sticky dots with the stylus and transfer them to the correct area on the fabric.If you are creating something for the art aficionado in your life, Sunflowers Diamond Dotz is a classic choice. The iconic texture of this painting is a worthy challenge to recreate, but following the instructions and colour chart will make the process manageable and stress-relieving. The surface comes with a unique adhesive already applied so that all you have to do is place the right dots in their designated areas until Van Gogh's masterpiece is before you.Create a shiny work of art by taking on The Oh Christmas Tree Diamond Dotz. It's the season for secret Santa gift exchanges, and if you are participating in one and are not sure what to give your person, this is a fun treat. A handmade gift will put your secret Santa gift above the competition. A jolly gift-bearing Saint Nick can be their crowning holiday gift that they are proud to display year after year. This simple activity will produce an intricate picture of everyone's favorite holiday figure.

Mary Maxim Crafts and Kits for Handmade Gifts

To begin any of these handmade gift ideas for friends, select a craft kit that will provide you with instructions, tips and materials. Homemade gifts show thoughtfulness and let you use extra creativity to find a gift that suits anyone in your life. You will also feel satisfied in your handiwork after you've completed a project and shared it with your friend or relative.For over 60 years, Mary Maxim has been helping people pass on handcrafted gifts. Proudly featuring exclusive yarns, we continue to make these high-quality materials so your projects can stand out. Our 45 kinds of Mary Maxim Exclusive yarns offer a variety of choices for your holiday project.Shop Mary Maxim’s new items for the perfect crafting kits, patterns and supplies today.

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