15 Free Crochet Patterns Using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Red Heart is one of the best-known yarn brands out there, and for a good reason. The label brings together quality materials and affordable prices, making it a great choice for pretty much any crocheter or knitter out there. Red Heart Super Saver yarn is no exception. With its wide range of solids, ombre, and striped colours, this yarn is perfect for a range of projects, from blankets and afghans to toys and decor. 

15 Free Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Crochet Patterns

Are you looking to try crocheting with Red Heart Super Saver but not sure where to start? Here are our top 15 favourite free patterns using this awesome yarn.

Jack-O-Lantern Crochet Pin

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to complete your costume than with this cute Jack-O-Lantern pin? This free pattern is beginner-friendly and works up quickly. It doesn’t use a whole lot of yarn, but you will need three skeins for the three different colours — orange for the pumpkin, green for the stem, and black for the face. 

Cornmeal Crochet Mats

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, why not try this intermediate-level Cornmeal Mats crochet pattern? With three skeins of three different colours (the pattern uses Aran, Buff, and Cornmeal), you can make two beautiful tabletop placemats. 

Triangle Shawlrn

Triangle shawls are a staple in every crocheter’s portfolio. If you’re looking to crochet your first one, try out this Free Triangle Shawl crochet pattern. This is an easy-level, single-colour project. You will need two skeins for one shawl, as well as a size J crochet hook.

Free Doggie Shrug Crochet Pattern

Who said garments have to be for humans only? If your four-legged friend is a true fashionista, we’re sure they’ll love this Doggie Shrug pattern. This is an easy-level project that comes in three different sizes, so even if you have a larger pet, you can still use this pattern.

Huggable Bear

Kids are usually excited about any toy they get, but when it’s a handmade item created by a loved one, they will likely cherish it even into adulthood. If you’re looking for crochet toy ideas to gift, we recommend this Huggable Crochet Bear. You’ll need one skein of Super Saver, as well as some stuffing. If you’ve never worked with stuffing before, this easy-level pattern is an excellent opportunity to learn.

Too-Cute Dolls Pattern

If teddy bears aren’t your thing, maybe this Too Cute Dolls pattern will be more up your alley. This is an intermediate-level, multi-item pattern, so be prepared to put in some effort and time into it. The final product is well worth it, though, if you ask us. You will need nine skeins of yarn in different colours. 

Free Amigurumi Heart Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi hearts are almost as much of a staple as granny squares are. But this easy-level free Amigurumi Heart Crochet pattern comes with a little twist – the heart has arms, legs, a face, and a cute little haircut.

Happy Snowman Basket

Don’t you just love Christmas-themed projects? They always bring a whole new level of joy and holiday spirit to the occasion. If you’re looking for a Christmas project to put under the tree or give to a loved one, this Happy Snowman Basket pattern is just right. The easy-level basket requires nine skeins of yarn in three different colours, as well as a small amount of black yarn for the details. 

Firecracker Throw

Looking to add a pop of colour to your living room? This vibrant Firecracker Throw pattern should do the trick. It is an easy-level project, but it does require eight skeins of yarn in three different colours. The original uses variations of red, orange, and yellow, but you can go with any colour combination you prefer.

And if you’re looking for a little more challenging throw project, try this intermediate-level Bright Throw pattern.

Team Jersey Bottle Cozy

Every sports fan will appreciate this Team Jersey Bottle Cozy pattern. Simply pick the colour or colours of your favourite team and crochet away. Another great thing about this pattern is that one skein is enough for several cozies, so you can make a matching set for the whole family.

Free Everyday Tote Purse Crochet Pattern

Looking for a fashionable accessory to round up your look? This bi-colour Everyday Tote Purse pattern just might be what you need. The intermediate-level project requires three skeins of yarn in two different colours (the original uses Cherry Red and White). The tote features a handle, an extra pocket for the phone, and a side pocket, too.

Free Visor Cap Crochet Pattern

Visor hats never seem to go completely out of style. This cute Crochet Visor Cap pattern is easy to make and requires just one skein of yarn. But if you want to spice things up, you can use different colours for the front strap and crochet buttons, as both are made separately and then attached to the cap.

Wizard Scarf Knit or Crochet Pattern
This beginner-level Wizard Scarf pattern is designed both for knitting and crocheting, so regardless of your craft of choice, you can give it a shot. The original uses Gryffindor colours to wow all the Harry Potter fans out there, but you can also use your sports team’s colours, your city’s colours, or any other colour combination you like.

Crochet Slippers for the Family

Looking for a matching gift for the whole family? These Crochet Slippers come in six different sizes, ranging from 4yrs to adult size L. This is an easy-level project with an optional strap (which can be made in different colour), so it leaves room for customization, even for beginner crocheters.

Piece of My Heart Crochet Blanket

This Piece of My Heart Crochet Blanket pattern might look complex, but it is actually an easy-level project. You will need nine skeins in two colours to make a 140x162.5cm blanket. The project makes for a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a housewarming, or a baby shower.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Patterns: FAQ
Have some questions regarding Red Heart Super Saver before you start working with it? Check out our FAQ below!

What Thickness Is Red Heart Super Saver Yarn?

Red Heart Super Saver is a worsted-weight yarn, also known as #6 or medium weight. The multi-colour varieties, Red Hear Super Saver Ombre and Red Heart Super Saver Stripes, Prints, and Variegated yarns, are also the same weight. 

How Do You Make Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Softer?

Since Red Heart Super Saver is a 100% acrylic yarn, it can be somewhat stiff. Luckily, you can easily soften your finished projects. Simply soak them in a 1-4 vinegar-water solution for 20 minutes.

Is Red Heart Super Saver a Good Yarn?

Red Heart might not be the softest or most luxurious yarn out there, but it is one of the most famous ones, and has been so for decades. This is because it is quite easy to work with, comes in an extremely wide range of colours, and is both economical and beginner-friendly. So in short, yes, Red Heart Super Saver is a great yarn.